Louise clay

Louise clay
Birth Worker Level:Fully WPCTS Recognised (Attended at least 5 births)
Price Range: Β£2000+
Languages spoken: English
Additional skills:

When Push Comes To Shove Mentor
Lecturer at Artemis Academy

Accepts Access Fund Clients?: Yes

Hi, I’m Lou and I am a former midwife and Birth keeper from South London.
My passion for physiological birth began when I had my first home birth with my third child, which was unassisted with just my husband present. After two hospital births, this was an incredibly empowering experience for me and later went on to have two more home births. I decided to become a midwife shortly after my 5th child was born, as I was inspired by my own experiences to support others in the same way.
Working within the maternity system was certainly not for me, as I felt a deep sadness with the constant intervention and over medicalisation that occurs.
I wanted to support women holistically, and provide evidence based information so they can make informed choices and decisions for themselves. However, I felt that this was not possible, under the constraints and policies that the NHS tied me to.
During the last few months as a midwife I trained with when push comes to shove to become a Birth keeper and haven’t looked back since. I am now able to support women in exactly the way I have always wanted to and have wholeheartedly found my true self.
I have supported many women since becoming a Birth keeper, including free birth of twins after 3 C-sections, home breech birth, free births, birth with medical staff present at home, and hospital birth.
I offer alternative maternity care alongside or separate from nhs services, to provide emotional and practical support and advocate for you when necessary. I can gently guide you to navigate the maternity system, which enables you to make your own choices regarding the care you want and need in line with your individual needs.
If you choose not to engage with the maternity services, then I can also support you to have a wild pregnancy and free birth. Having the knowledge and medical training, I am able to recognise deviations from normality and discuss if the need arises to gain further support. I understand that birth is a physiological process that occasionally requires medical attention and not a medical event that occasionally happens naturally.

I have a large catalogue of robust and reputable research recourses and websites as well as a large of network of birth keepers/ doulas to provide evidence and information to suit your personal circumstance.
I can discuss your needs and desires for the pregnancy and birth journey you really want, to empower yourself to confidently make those choices without judgement.

Services I provide:
🟣 Personalised care plan tailored to individual needs
🟣 As many or little appointments as required
🟣 Place of birth discussion
🟣 Information of natural homebirth and equipment you may need
🟣 Longer antenatal appointments
🟣 36 week birth preparation discussion 2+ hours
🟣 Labour and birth support in whatever setting you choose
🟣 Longer postnatal appointments un rushed
🟣 Zoom and telephone support throughout pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postnatally
🟣 Breastfeeding support
🟣 Support for transitioning to new parenthood
🟣 Previous birth trauma debrief
🟣 In person and remote support worldwide

I look forward to supporting you and your family through this incredible time in your life.

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