Caroline Spear

Caroline Spear
Birth Worker Level:Fully WPCTS Recognised (Attended at least 5 births)
Price Range: £1200 - £2000
Languages spoken: English
Additional skills:

SDSHom / Homeopath
Certified GAPS Practitioner / Nutritionist
Hypnotherapy Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Placenta Remedies Specialist Breastfeeding Support Infant Weaning Nutrition, and Homeopathic treatment for infertility, pregnancy and beyond.

Accepts Access Fund Clients?: Yes

Birth keeper / doula since 1993. From a caesarean birth to 3 homebirths, including a freebirth, I’m now a proud Nonna of 4 fab Granddaughters 🙂
I am experienced in supporting freebirths through to full on medicalised births in hospital. VBAC2C, breech birth, twins, Surrogacy.
I teach women their rights and help them to assert their choices.
I come from a place of passionate belief in a woman’s ablity to birth her baby, however the birth goes, being on her terms.
I support, nurture, nourish the mother to be and her partner. I use a combination of listening, teaching, confidence building, assertive techniques, breathing, movement, taking away the nonsense to keeping it real ways of keeping you in control of your birth, your body and your choices.
I like to keep things simple so that you can focus on your needs. I love to support partners, to bring them confidence and trust so that they can be as active as they want to be during the birth of their baby, so in turn, Mum does not have to worry about anyone, she can just focus on herself, baby and labour.

Woven throughout this I use nutrition to help keep you healthy so that you can grow a healthy, robust baby.

Homeopathy is a dynamic system of healing, safe to use during pregnancy to treat a number of conditions, from the emotions, e.g fear and anxiety, to the physicals of aches and pains, heamorrhoids, sciatica, coughs, colds, flu and so on.
I also debrief births. Too often women come to me with trauma from their first birth. We work together on what happened, and unravel what may have contributed to the issues, working on how to ensure the same does not happen again. This is always from a place of love.
Again, Homeopathy is a wonderful healing modality that helps to ease the fears and anxieties left over. I do the same for partners too. In addition, meditation and hypnotherapy techniques can help to release deeply held traumas.

I also offer both Nutritional guidance and Homeopathic support during pregnancy and childbirth as stand alone options.

I speak smatterings of French and Italian, and some”school girl” German 🙂

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